Vivid Glow Cream (Review) BYE BYE Wrinkles & Aging Effects?

Over 80% of all women are affected by orange peel, whereby the unsightly dents on the buttocks and thighs are difficult to get rid of even with slim and sporty women. This is where Vivid Glow Cream comes into play: the cosmetic cream promises to alleviate annoying cellulite by applying it regularly and to combat it in the long term. But can apply a cream counteracts orange peel? We have the answer in our large Vivid Glow Self-Test 2020.

Vivid Glow Cream – An Overview

Vivid Glow Cream is a cream that is supposed to fight cellulite with natural ingredients. Due to the circulation-stimulating effect, the cream should work in the depths of the connective tissue, tighten the tissue and the skin and, as a result, ensure a smooth and even buttock and thigh area.

Vivid Glow Cream

Vivid Glow Cream Test from our Editorial Team

We wanted to know exactly and made the test to the example. We sent two testers into the race for a meaningful test. Louisa and Azra gratefully agreed to put the cream through its paces.

First Impression

The cream reaches us a few days after ordering. The contents were securely packaged and the product was undamaged. The cream itself is in a pump container with a hygienic lid. We find the design appealing, if not spectacular.

Our Application Test

For the actual self-test, our two testers will massage the cream into the thigh and buttocks area once a day for four weeks. Concerning. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the actual application.

β€œWe tested the cream for four weeks and had very similar experiences. The application itself hardly differs from the application of another cream or ointment. Immediately after application, we felt a very slight warming effect, the treated skin became slightly reddish, but in no unpleasant way. We gently rubbed the cream in for a better effect.

❝The cream has a pleasant fragrance, is productive, and is well absorbed.❝

-Azra G.

We have to admit, the first two weeks of use were barely noticeable and the cream was still slightly below our expectations. After the third week of use, however, the first visible successes came to light, a little earlier for Louisa than for me. The dents and bumps were less noticeable, the entire thigh area just looked plumper and firmer. ”

Vivid Glow Cream

Unexpected Results

After the four weeks of testing, our test subjects are very satisfied with the result, as they still have cream leftover, they will continue to use it and then consider whether they should order new supplies themselves. ”

Customers Testimonials from Forums

Let’s look at Amazon, the cream receives a good 4 out of 5 possible rating stars. Buyers praise the good results and the circulation-stimulating effect of the cream, which, according to the majority of customer opinions, leads to a visibly and noticeably smooth and even thigh area.

Similar to our testers, some customers describe a slight reddening of the skin immediately after application, which is apparently due to the blood circulation-promoting effect. While some buyers report that the first results can be seen after only a few days, other customer reviews indicate that the effect only took a few weeks. The reason for these different periods until the onset of action cannot be recognized.

Ingredients used in Vivid Glow:

According to the manufacturer, Vivid Glow Cream contains the following main active ingredients:


Caffeine has a firming and firming effect on the complexion. Besides, the activating ingredient stimulates blood circulation.


Rosewater provides a subtle floral fragrance. Also, rose water provides moisture and has a regenerating and healing effect on stressed skin.


Carnitine regenerates and smoothes the complexion. Fat burning is also stimulated.


Panthenol is actively involved in cell regeneration and regeneration.

Is there any possible Side Effect?

According to their statements, no side effects are known for the Vivid Glow Cream. However, as with other products, intolerance or allergic reactions can also occur.

How to use Vivid Glow Cream?

Vivid Glow Cream should ideally be massaged into the skin daily. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise promote the effectiveness of the cream. The application period should be several weeks and can be expanded further as required.

Buy Vivid Glow Cream @ Cheapest Price:

The cheapest way to obtain Vivid Glow is from the official website. Here the Vivid Glow Cream costs only 29.95 dollars instead of 49.95 dollars. The official website also offers the following promotions:

2 x Vivid Glow Container + 1 free for 59.90 dollars instead of 89.85 dollars

3 x Vivid Glow Container + 2 free for 89.85 dollars instead of 149.75 dollars

More products from Vivid Glow Cream

In addition to the anti-cellulite cream, Vivid Glow Cream offers with the Vivid Glow a product in Serum form for anti-cellulite therapy “from the inside”. The Serum is intended to promote blood circulation, tighten connective tissue and fade stretch marks by regular intake. In addition to fenugreek, the Serum contains yam powder, maca powder, and thistle herb powder. Taking the Serum together with the accompanying treatment with the Vivid Glow Cream promises the best result.

Random Questions & Answers

Would you like to know more about Vivid Glow Cream? The most important questions and answers can be found in our FAQ section below.

How many ml are in the dispenser?

One dispenser contains 120 ml.

What does the cream smell like?

The smell of the cream is described as pleasant and neutral.

Is the cream absorbed quickly?

Since the cream is very rich, it is recommended to leave it on for a short time.

Do you have any Questions?

Do you have any questions about the Vivid Glow Cream that we have not yet answered? Then do not hesitate and write us in the comments what you would like to know! Our editorial team will take care of your concerns.

Vivid Glow Cream

Our Evaluation of Vivid Glow Cream:

Vivid Glow Cream has passed our practice test. Our testers confirm the cellulite-reducing effect if an optimal result also requires a corresponding treatment period. Customer reviews speak of very similar results in terms of effectiveness and application. The treatment in combination with the Vivid Glow promises the long-term results.