Keto Scorch (Review) ketoSCORCH Lose Weight with goBHB™

KetoSCORCH, the new dietary supplement on the market. Everyone wants to have the perfect figure in summer, and it’s not too late for this year either. With this product, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to get the dream figure within 30 days. Up to 15 kg of body weight can be lost with the preparation in a very short time.

According to the manufacturer, no extra diets or extra sports units should be necessary to maintain your desired weight. We have carried out extensive research and will report on the KetoSCORCH product in the following text.

What is KetoSCORCH?

This is a dietary supplement that has only recently been available to buy. With this preparation, you can lose a lot of body weight in a short time. At least this is what the manufacturer promises on its sales side. The KetoSCORCH product is a slimming product that contains natural ingredients. This is to optimize the natural fat burning process.


It is also said to accelerate metabolism and remove harmful deposits and toxins. A special combination of active ingredients should make this possible. The fat burning should take place 24 hours a day and the excess fat should be burned off permanently.

It is worth noting that with taking it, it reduces bad cholesterol and normalizes blood sugar. This prevents the yo-yo effect and improves your own wellbeing. All of these points are made possible by the two-phase effect of the KetoSCORCH capsules. In the first phase, the organism is prepared for weight loss, in the second phase, the round-the-clock combustion mode starts.

For whom would it make sense?

According to the manufacturer, KetoSCORCH should enable rapid weight loss, which would give users a quick positive effect. But since we don’t want to rely entirely on the manufacturer’s statements, we subjected the capsules to a self-test. But more on that later.

Both men and women can lose weight quickly and safely with KetoSCORCH. With daily consumption, on the one hand, fat burning is optimized and, on the other hand, your metabolism is accelerated. The health aspect should not be neglected either. The change that takes place in the body when taking the capsules can increase your own well-being.

Practical test – We subjected KetoSCORCH to a test

But since we wanted to convince ourselves of the effectiveness of the product, we decided to do a KetoSCORCH test with a volunteer test person. We then summarized the weekly results and were very surprised by the result. We were supported by our community member Mario (31 years old), 130 kg with a height of 1.89 m, who has been overweight since childhood.

Then, we asked our subjects to take the capsule for a period of 30 days, 2 capsules a day. One in the morning and the other in the evening, with plenty of fluids. Sports habits and eating behaviour should not be changed during the test so as not to falsify the result.

Week 1: Mario (130 kg)

At our first meeting, we discussed the entire process of our test with Mario in our practice. Keto SCORCH’s manufacturer recommends use these pills daily. 2 capsules should be taken with sufficient liquid. This should always occur at the same time.

We, therefore, agreed with Mario that the first capsule should be taken at 8 a.m. Mario should take the second capsule at 7 p.m. Finally, we took an exact measurement of Mario’s body and arranged our first check-up appointment.

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Week 2: Mario (126.9 kg) Weight loss

At our first check-up appointment in our practice, Mario reported how he was doing. He complained of no side effects and reported that he was feeling much more comfortable and fitter. The daily intake of the KetoSCORCH capsules did not cause him any problems, as the product is very easy to swallow.

During the weighing process, we found that Mario had already lost 3.1 kg of body weight. Mario and we were very surprised about this. We arranged another check-up appointment and were excited about the next results.

Week 3: Mario (124.8 kg) Weight loss

Out of the tension, Mario wanted to weigh himself first. And indeed, another 2.1 kg decrease in body weight. Mario still hadn’t noticed any side effects and seemed a lot more confident to us too. He also reported an improvement in his sleeping habits.

Week 4: Mario (122.4 kg) Weight loss

At our last appointment, we again saw a weight loss of 2.4 kg. Overall, that was a loss of 7.6 kg body weight, which Mario had only achieved with the daily intake of 2 KetoSCORCH capsules. The subject informed us that he could concentrate better. We noticed a positive change in his aura and also on the before and after pictures, we saw a clear difference, despite consistent eating habits.

Our volunteer test person Mario and we are delighted with the result. His well-being was improved and his self-esteem was also increased enormously as a result of the weight loss. We would like to point out that the result can vary from person to person, as each person reacts individually to the ingredients. However, we can say with a clear conscience that the capsules are safe to take and that this product can reduce your own body weight. Our self-test with Mario has proven this.

Is there another effective alternative?

We received a positive result in our self-test with KetoSCORCH. Regular consumption resulted in well-being, sleep quality and the ability to concentrate in addition to weight loss. Weight loss products are becoming more and more important, but not all products keep what they promise.

At this point, we would like to recommend another successful alternative to the Fat Fix capsules. The ICG fat burner is the perfect alternative for losing weight. This product was also tested extensively by us and was also able to convince with positive testimonials from customers.

Are there any KetoSCORCH experiences or customer ratings?

We attach great importance to good research from different sources, such as forums, or various websites. Some users have already described their KetoSCORCH experiences there, which are positive across the board. For example, users reported weight loss, improved well-being, and generally felt fitter.

No one ever mentioned that keto Scorch causes any side effects. We were also positively convinced by KetoSCORCH in our self-test. Our volunteer subject experienced tremendous weight loss and had no side effects either.

Is there a test report from the FDA?

Many weight loss products have been repeatedly examined and evaluated by FDA in recent years. The results are sometimes frightening, as the products sometimes have no effect at all or are even harmful to health. During our research, however, we could not find a connection between KetoSCORCH and FDA. We assume that the independent consumer organization has not yet tested the preparation.

Are there any other official tests and studies on KetoSCORCH?

While researching KetoSCORCH, we were able to find more tests and studies that were conducted. These results are very important for the end-user. In these investigations, the effect of this preparation could be clearly confirmed, as in our self-test.

This is how the KetoSCORCH intake and dosage takes place

The KetoSCORCH intake and dosage are very easy. 2 capsules should be taken daily with plenty of liquid. The manufacturer recommends always taking the preparation at the same time, one in the morning and one in the evening. This is to achieve an optimal effect in which the metabolism can work continuously. The manufacturer recommends that the daily dose should not be exceeded.

Effect and onset of Effect:

According to the manufacturer, the KetoSCORCH effect takes place in 2 phases. A distinction is made between the preparation phase and the fat-burning phase. In the first phase, the preparatory phase, dangerous toxins are removed from the body. These toxins can reduce weight loss success. This sets the body perfectly to burn fat.

The manufacturer advertises that the broken down fat cells are immediately burned and converted into energy. An effect should be felt within the first week of use. Since every person is different, it is not possible to define a precise period of time when an effect occurs. In most cases, this occurs in the first week.

Based on the experience reports on the Internet and from our test subjects, we can say that a change in the body takes place shortly after the first use of the KetoSCORCH capsules. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends a continuous minimum intake of 30 days.

KetoSCORCH Ingredients and Composition

With the capsules, the user should be able to lose weight quickly and easily. The KetoSCORCH ingredients are intended to stimulate metabolism and optimize fat burning. The following ingredients are in the capsules:

goBHB™ (beta-hydroxybutyrate): Together with the bitter substances contained in beta-hydroxybutyrate, the contained antioxidants protect the body and optimize the metabolism. KetoSCORCH also promotes weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract: Other names for this Southeast Asian fruit is Malabar tamarind, Brindleberry, or Kudam Puli. It is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B and many other beneficial nutrients that help the human body to stay healthy. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the active ingredient that is supposed to help you lose weight. This active ingredient is obtained from the rind of the fruit.


Possible Side Effects and Risks:

In our extensive research, we did not find any evidence of side effects. The manufacturer also states on the sales page that no KetoSCORCH side effects have occurred to date. Our test subject reported good tolerability. Fat Fix consists of all-natural ingredients. It is quite possible that an allergy to individual ingredients can occur. If in doubt, the doctor should be consulted.

Where can you buy KetoSCORCH? Amazon, Pharmacy

To be able to buy KetoSCORCH, this can be done via the manufacturer’s official sales page. For our self-test, we bought the product via the online shop “”. We had no problems with the delivery and received the product within a few days and in perfect condition.

During our research, we could not find any sales offers on the Amazon or eBay trading platforms. KetoSCORCH cannot currently be purchased in drugstore chains such as pharmacies and online pharmacies either.

What price is offered?

The manufacturer offers the capsules on its sales page at a special price of $49.95 / Fast $4.95 Shipping. A pack of 30 normally costs $64.95. If the purchase is made in the online shop “”, the KetoSCORCH price is $54.90. Special offers can also be selected on this page, for example, 2 + 1 for $89.95.


Frequently Asked Questions

KetoSCORCH is an effective weight loss product. However, since the capsules have not been on the market for long, questions about the product are always raised. We would like to answer the most important questions for you below.

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Final Verdict on Keto SCORCH (Review)

After extensive research, we can say with a clear conscience that KetoSCORCH is definitely a product that delivers what it promises. We were convinced by the positive result in our self-test. In our volunteer test person, there was a considerable weight reduction within 30 days. However, the extent of weight loss can vary from person to person.

It is worth mentioning that during our research we did not come across any indications of intolerance, and our test subject did not experience any side effects. It is very easy to use by taking 2 Fat Fix capsules daily with sufficient liquid. Above all, we were convinced by the fact that not only good weight loss results are achieved, but also the health aspect is supported.

We can therefore say that we are completely satisfied with the product and its mode of action and can give a positive rating for KetoSCORCH.