Keto Now Real is Best Weight Loss Pill with ZERO Side Effects!!

Keto Now Real is said to give users a weight loss of up to 14 kilograms within 28 days. A diet or exercise should not be needed. At least that’s what the manufacturer promises on its official sales page. But can this slimming product lose so much weight within a month? We wanted to know more about it and dealt intensively with Keto Now Real.

What is Keto Now Real?

Keto Now Real, a dietary supplement that users should lose a lot of weight in a short time. By taking the capsules it should be possible to lose 14 kg within a month. All you have to do is take the preparation every day.

The capsules rely on a three-phase effect for weight loss. In the first phase, the body is detoxified and freed from harmful toxins. Weight loss takes place in the second phase, which ends in the third phase, the stabilization phase. In this phase, the body is stabilized and the unloved yo-yo effect can be prevented.

Keto Now Real

The active ingredients of Keto Now Real not only boost the metabolism and ensure that active ingredients can be better absorbed by the body but also detoxify the body at the same time. The manufacturer promises that taking the capsules will not drain the body. In this way, all bodily functions can continue without impairment. Rather, the capsules activate a defense mechanism that results in weight loss.

Our 30-Day Self-Test

The manufacturer’s promises sound too good to be true: just take capsules and lose weight effectively. This is supposedly possible due to the special three-phase effect. This consists of the detoxification phase, weight reduction, and the stabilization phase. That made us curious and so we decided on a Keto Now Real Test. In this, we were supported by volunteers.

All of our subjects took the capsules for four weeks. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules a day (one before breakfast and one before lunch) with enough liquid. To achieve an effective effect of the ingredients, the capsules should be taken about 30 minutes before the meal. This is how the body should naturally lose weight.

Week 2: Our subjects had taken the capsules for 14 days. So it was time for a first check. We also wanted to find out from our testers how the product was taken. However, we did not find any changes in weight when examining our test subjects. The intake was unproblematic for most of our test subjects.

Week 3: Since we did not notice any changes in weight during our first check, we were excited to see whether changes would appear a week later. Unfortunately, we could not find any change in the weight of any of our test subjects at this time.

Week 4: Four weeks after we started our Keto Now Real test, our final check took place. Our test subjects sometimes complained of side effects caused by taking the capsules. Above all, complaints in the gastrointestinal area were mentioned. However, we could not find any change in weight at this point in any test person. Accordingly, we ended our test with a negative result.

Keto Now Real Advertises with Fake Test Reports

After the capsules did not convince us in our test, we took a closer look at the manufacturer’s sales page. For example, this page contains the Keto Now Real test report by an alleged medical doctor who swears by the effect of the capsules.

In the text, the doctor is named Prof. Erik Wagner and is supposedly an expert in molecular biology and scientist. However, we could not find any information about this doctor on the Internet. This name doesn’t include any molecular biologist. For this, we found the photo used in a photo database.

The image can be downloaded here and then used freely. The picture that the manufacturer uses on his sales page does not show a doctor, but a model. This becomes clear when we searched the photo database a little more closely and found more pictures with this male model. The alleged doctor’s report on the capsules is, therefore, a fake and is intended to mislead unsuspecting customers.

Keto Now Real

ATTENTION – Subscription Trap by Discount Club

At the bottom of the sales page, there is an order form that customers should fill out to order the capsules. However, there is also the small print here that customers confirm that they are participating in the discount club. In this way, customers would receive Keto Now Real at a discounted price of 69.00 Dollars.

Only customers who join the discount club can take advantage of this limited offer. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the advantages that the club offers to customers. However, we assume that this is a subscription trap.

FAKE Experiences and Field Reports

On the sales side too, there are numerous positive customer experiences with Keto Now Real. The first thing we noticed was that all experiences were written terribly. Accordingly, we assume that these texts have been translated from another language and are not from real customers. We also found the same customer experiences on other sales sites where only the name of the product was changed.

We were also able to find the photos used in photo databases. These reviews are again fakes, which are only used to guide unsuspecting customers behind the light.

VERIFIED Keto Now Real Experiences and Reviews

We couldn’t find any real Keto Now Real experiences on the sales page. For this reason, we were excited to see if we could find any reports on the Internet. We have researched in various forums and on websites and we would like to present three of these reports to you below.

“Perfect nonsense,” writes a customer in a forum. She had ordered the capsules for quick weight loss. However, the preparation did not affect it.

Another customer is also very disappointed in a social network value about the capsules. This lady could not find any weight loss even after taking the capsules for a long time. For this, she suffered from side effects in the form of stomach problems from the second week of intake.

The last experience report that we would like to present to you comes from a lady who has not received her goods at all. She has been waiting for the capsules to be delivered for several weeks now.

When is an effect to be expected?

The manufacturer promises great weight loss success by taking Keto Now Real. 14 kilograms should be lost within 28 days. However, it is not known whether the first signs of weight loss can be seen earlier or the manufacturer does not provide any information. In our test, however, we could not find any changes in weight even after four weeks of use.

Keto Now Real

Keto Now Real – Intake and Dosage Instructions

According to the manufacturer, Keto Now Real intake and dosage should be very simple and, accordingly, easy to integrate into everyday life. To be able to lose weight effectively with these capsules, you only need to take two capsules a day with enough liquid.

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule before breakfast and one before lunch. So that the ingredients can work effectively in the body, the capsules should be taken about 30 minutes before the meal.

Should I get a medical exam before taking it?

There is no information from the manufacturer as to whether the user should undergo a medical examination before taking Keto Now Real capsules. In principle, people with an allergy or intolerance to one or more active ingredients should speak to a doctor before taking it. Even people with health restrictions should consult a doctor for safety reasons.

Who is Keto Now Real for?

Keto Now Real is primarily intended for quick weight loss. Up to 14 kilograms of weight should be lost within a month. Also, the preparation naturally detoxifies the body. Thus, the capsules are intended for everyone who wants to lose weight naturally.

Who will not take this?

The manufacturer repeatedly points out on its sales page that Keto Now Real is a weight loss product that is 100% natural. Accordingly, side effects and intolerance should be excluded. However, people with an allergy or intolerance to one or more active ingredients should consult a doctor before taking it. Because even with natural preparations, unwanted accompanying symptoms cannot always be excluded.

These ingredients are contained in Keto Now Real:

Unfortunately, there is little information on the manufacturer’s sales page regarding the Keto Now Real ingredients. Accordingly, we did a little research and were able to identify the most important active ingredients of the capsules:

  • Chinese split basket
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Wakame (Algae)
  • BHB Ketones.

Chinese Split Basket:  This climbing plant has its origins particularly in China, Siberia, and Korea. In these countries, it is mainly used as a medicinal plant for various ailments.

Garcinia Cambogia:  One of the ingredients in this plant has been shown to inhibit appetite and at the same time boost fat burning.

Wakame:  This is a brown alga that is very popular as a vegetable, especially in Japanese cuisine.

Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly which active ingredients are still contained in the Keto Now Real capsules.

Keto Now Real – Side Effects & Risks Intolerance

According to the manufacturer, no Keto Now Real side effects are known. Consequently, interactions with other drugs should be avoided. However, unwanted side effects can also occur with natural and herbal preparations. Especially with an allergy or intolerance. We also found numerous experiences on the Internet from customers who complained about gastrointestinal problems after taking it.

Keto Now Real

Where can you buy Keto Now Real? eBay, Amazon

If you want to buy Keto Now Real, you can only do it on the manufacturer’s sales page. Neither local pharmacies nor online pharmacies have this dietary supplement in their range. In our research, we were also unable to find any evidence that the capsules are offered on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon.

What price is offered?

On the sales side of the manufacturer, the Keto Now Real price is 69.00 Dollars. However, this is a discounted price that is only valid for members of the discount club. The original price of the capsules would be 139.00 Dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Losing weight should become a child’s play by taking Keto Now Real. You can use the following questions and answers to find out whether this dietary supplement is suitable for your weight loss project.

How many capsules are in a pack of Keto Now Real?

According to the manufacturer, 30 capsules are contained in one package. With a daily intake of two capsules, one pack would suffice for 15 days. Accordingly, customers would have to order two packs of the capsules to be able to take the preparation for one month.

Can I buy the capsules in drugstores?

According to our research, drugstore stores such as CVS or Rite Aid do not have their range.

Who is Keto Now Real?

During our research, we were, unfortunately, unable to determine which company is behind the dietary supplement. The sales page does not contain any imprint. The provider thus violates the labeling requirements in the US.

Even during our further research, we were unable to find out who is behind the food supplement as a supplier or manufacturer. For us, this does not testify to a reputable provider or product.

Are there official tests and studies for Keto Now Real?

Unfortunately, during our research, we were unable to find any information about official tests and studies on Keto Now Real. Accordingly, no independent institute has yet tested or examined the capsules in more detail.

Is Keto Now Real a scam?

There are many indications that Keto Now Real is once again a so-called rip-off product. There is no information about the manufacturer or supplier and the ingredients of the capsules are not listed in detail. Fake reports are also advertised on the sales page.

Bottom Line of Keto Now Real

You should be able to lose weight of up to 14 kilograms within one month by taking Keto Now Real. This is underlined by statements from alleged satisfied customers on the sales side. However, we were able to unmask these experiences as fakes, as was the report of the alleged medical doctor.

The manufacturer of the capsules does not publish any further information about the ingredients or himself. Instead, an attempt is made to deceive the customers and lure them into a subscription trap. For this reason, we strongly advise our readers not to buy these capsules and rate, Keto Now Real, as ineffective.