Green Garden CBD Oil | REVIEW | 4 Week Test Report Unwraps! 2020

Green Garden CBD Oil

Green Garden CBD Oil

Green Garden CBD Oil is a brand from Green Garden Ltd., which specializes in CBD oil. Green Garden CBD Oil is made from a hemp plant and could help treat chronic jokes

Is Green Garden CBD Oil the ultimate CBD oil on the market to improve your health? The market for CBD products is growing very quickly and there is already a wide choice. The quality of CBD oil can vary greatly, as the product itself is very expensive and many producers try to trick it into making more profit. We have dealt extensively with the product Green Garden CBD Oil and have summarized our information below.

What is Green Garden CBD Oil?

Green Garden CBD Oil is a brand from Spring Life Ltd., which specializes in CBD oil. The brand is advertised primarily on social networks such as Facebook. The CBD oil is made from a hemp plant and could help treat chronic jokes. By taking the oil, anxiety and stress should be relieved and the focus should be directed to the important things in everyday life.

For whom would it make Sense?

According to the manufacturer, Green Garden CBD Oil should help the body stay healthy, which would have a positive effect on the users. But since we don’t want to rely entirely on the manufacturer’s statements, we subjected Green Garden CBD Oil to a self-test. But more on that later.

CBD oils are suitable for all groups of people who find it difficult to concentrate on everyday life because taking them should direct the focus on the more important things in life. Furthermore, treatment of chronic pain should be possible, through which the user should get a better quality of life again.

Green Garden CBD Oil

Practical Test of Green Garden CBD Oil

To convince ourselves of the effectiveness of the product, we carried out a Green Garden CBD Oil test with 2 volunteers. Natascha and Marlene struggle with sleep disorders and everyday stress. They hope to ease their symptoms by taking it.

We decided to test 6% CBD oil over a period of 4 weeks. Our test subjects should drip 3 drops daily in the morning and the evening, directly under the tongue and leave it there for 60 seconds before swallowing. The manufacturer recommends this intake. We were very excited about the results of our CBD oil test and were looking forward to the first meeting.

Week 1 → We start:

Natascha and Marlene came to our practice together for our first meeting. Both had already been taking the drops for a week, as we had agreed. Neither of them could detect any change, the sleep problems were still present and their own feeling of stress was not reduced either, at least not so much that it was noticeable.

We agreed that the drops would continue to be taken, as the effects may not be felt until later. We said goodbye and accompanied the test subjects to the door.

Week 2 → The first check-up:

When we had the next appointment with our test subjects, they both came to us in a depressed mood. Neither Natascha nor Marlene could show any improvement in their state of mind. Marlene told us that sleep disorders didn’t get better, but rather worse. She couldn’t say whether this was related to the drops or not. We agreed on the next appointment and said goodbye.

Week 3 → Our Intermediate Result:

Even at this check-up appointment, our testers had nothing to report about the positive effect of the preparation. Side effects had meanwhile been received. Natascha and Marlene complained of morning sickness. Since pregnancy can be ruled out, this side effect is most likely caused by taking the drops.

Marlene’s sleep problems became more and more severe, so she considered stopping the test. Of course, she could stop the test at any time. The health of the people is very important to us and under no circumstances should our test subjects suffer any damage to their health.

Week 4 → The End of our Practical Test:

Our last appointment has come. Marlene had stopped taking the drops because her sleep problems and nausea did not improve. As soon as she stopped taking drops with me, the nausea was gone. Her initial sleep problems persisted. Natascha carried out the test until the end, with persistent nausea. After the end of the test, she stopped taking it and hoped the symptoms would go away.

Since our test did not bring any positive results for our test subjects, but rather scored with side effects, we can say that this product is ineffective. Due to the individual ingredients, the product can achieve different successes, as everyone can react differently. In our test subjects, the product caused nausea and additional sleep problems than were already present. We therefore cannot recommend this product to others and do not recommend buying it.

Is there an Effective Substitute Product?

Our self-test with the product Green Garden CBD Oil could not convince us, as there was no effect on our test subjects. People’s health is essential to us, and we definitely do not want to recommend a product that causes side effects.

Therefore we would like to present an effective alternative that has already convinced us several times. This is the product Verified CBD Oil. This preparation has already proven its effectiveness in several studies and has also been rated positively by users on the Internet.

Comparison Table

 Green Garden CBD OilVerified CBD Oil
ProductGreen Garden CBD OilVerified CBD Oil
Effectx No Effect could be determined
✓ Relieves pain
Promotes sleep
Reduces stress
x Nausea
x Difficulty Sleeping
NO Side Effects
Content10 ml
10 ml
Dosage3-6 Drops Daily
5 Drops daily
Price$49.95$29.95 + 2 bottles for FREE
Shipping FREE FREE
Rating⭐ ⭐ ☆ ☆ ☆ 2/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery Timex 4-7 days 1-3 days
Linking Now-2-bottles-for-free-secure-button

Are there any Green Garden CBD Oil Customer Ratings or Reviews?

After we were very disappointed with the product due to our test result, we started looking for other Green Garden CBD Oil experiences from users. We found what we were looking for relatively quickly in various forums in which the effect of the drops was discussed in detail.

The effect was not discussed, but rather the side effects caused by ingestion. It was generally reported that there was absolutely no effect or improvement. One user described the product as an expensive rip-off that personally caused absolutely no change in his body. Most of the reports were about side effects caused, such as persistent nausea.

Is there a Test Report from American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Opinion is known for its test results, which mankind is very happy to see. For a short time now, various CBD oils have also been tested for their effectiveness. The test results are very different and only a small number of products achieve the desired effect.

During our research, we could not find any indications that Green Garden CBD Oil had already been checked by American Consumer Opinion. For this reason, it cannot be clearly demonstrated whether a positive effect is achieved by the product or whether side effects are caused.

Are there any other Official Tests and Studies?

Studies and official tests are also important to clarify how effective a product actually is. For the American market, CBD products do not require any scientific tests to be sold. There are also no studies for Green Garden CBD Oil to confirm the effectiveness. For us personally, these tests are no longer necessary, as we have already made a negative judgment about this product.

This is how Green Garden CBD Oil is Taken and Dosed

The manufacturer recommends the following Green Garden CBD Oil intake on its sales page. The drops should be taken twice a day. To do this, 1 to 3 drops should be given directly under the tongue. Before swallowing, 60 seconds should have passed so that the active ingredient can be absorbed directly through the mucous membrane. Furthermore, there is a note on the manufacturer’s sales page that the daily dose should not be exceeded.

Which products are offered?

In the beginning, we mentioned that Green Garden CBD Oil is a CBD brand. In addition to the oil, other products are also available. This includes, for example, tea or fruit chewy candies. Furthermore, CBD candies or CBD creams are very popular because they are very easy to use and take.

Effect and Onset of Effect

The manufacturer advertises on its official sales page with a Green Garden CBD Oil effect, which among other things can reduce anxiety and treat chronic pain. Consumption should also reduce stress. The manufacturer does not comment on the question of when the effect occurs. Experts assume that it can take a few days for it to take effect.

In our self-test, which lasted 4 weeks, none of our test subjects could experience a positive effect, on the contrary, both test subjects struggled with side effects in the form of nausea. Many users also reported their negative experiences in various forums.

Green Garden CBD Oil's Ingredients and Composition

Of course, we wanted to find out why the promised effect of the manufacturer did not occur and therefore we took a closer look at Green Garden CBD Oil ingredients. We have then listed the individual ingredients.

Hemp Extract: This extract is obtained from the hemp plant. Hemp itself is known to be able to relieve pain and have a calming effect. This should be able to treat depression and multiple sclerosis. Research is still ongoing into the effects of hemp.

Cannabis Sativa: This is a specific hemp plant from which the extract is obtained. This extract is also said to help reduce pain and relieve stress.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is required to combine the individual ingredients. This also gives the oil its typical taste. For example, if the oil is used against skin problems such as acne, the oil provides additional moisture.

Possible Side Effects and Risks

According to the manufacturer, Green Garden CBD Oil side effects are excluded while taking it. Based on our self-test and various experience reports, however, we have been taught better and can claim that side effects are very possible through taking it.

Ingestion can cause side effects in the form of nausea or sleep problems. There is also the possibility that an allergic reaction can be triggered. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted before the first intake to rule out possible hypersensitivity.

Where can you get to Buy Green Garden CBD Oil?

To be able to buy Green Garden CBD Oil, the manufacturer’s official sales page must be called up and the order placed there. There is no PZN (central pharmaceutical number) for the oils, so they cannot be sold in pharmacies. Furthermore, we couldn’t find the products on Amazon or eBay. We were also very surprised that the products are not available in other CBD shops either.

What Price is Offered?

Compared to other CBD products, the Green Garden CBD Oil price is very high. For the 6% CBD oil, with a content of 10 ml, the price is a whopping 49.95 dollars. We found that the higher the CBD content in the oils, the higher the price. It is also possible to take out a subscription when ordering, in which the product is automatically delivered within a time window of 1 to 6 months. A price reduction of 20% is granted here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If, after all these facts, a purchase of Green Garden CBD Oil is still considered, we have summarized and answered the most frequently asked questions here.

Nate Diaz, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston are well-known personalities who allegedly advertise various hemp products on the Internet. The manufacturer itself also advertises these celebrities on its sales page. Unfortunately, we could not find out whether these people really tested the product and used it themselves.

On the Internet, it is claimed in some posts that the product was presented on the television program "SHARK TANK". Of course, we looked into it and couldn't find a single program that featured the product.

The product is only available on the manufacturer's website. Due to the missing PZN, the product cannot be bought in pharmacies. Large trading platforms such as Amazon or eBay also do not offer the product.

The price of the product depends on the level of the CBD content. For example, the 6% CBD oil costs 49.95 dollars. With a subscription for 6 months, the products are available at a price discount of 20%.

According to the manufacturer, no side effects are possible. In our self-test, both of our test subjects did experience side effects in the form of nausea and sleep problems. Various field reports also deal in detail with the topic of side effects.

Summary - Green Garden CBD Oil's Review

Green Garden CBD Oil – the solution for everyday problems of the body, whether chronic pain or sleep problems, the manufacturer advertises on its side. These promises could not convince us in our test. Our test subjects, on the other hand, had to struggle with side effects and could not report any improvement in their condition.

We are absolutely not convinced of the effect of the product and therefore cannot give a clear purchase recommendation for Green Garden CBD Oil.