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Nutrivized Keto is a slimming product that is offered as capsules and is intended to strengthen and support the slimming effect through regular use. According to the manufacturer, a weight loss of up to 15 kg should be achieved in one month.

Effects Nutrivized Keto – How it Works?

Nutrivized Keto has a so-called two-phase effect. This means that, on the one hand, the lipid metabolism is stimulated and, on the other hand, the flushing out of toxins is promoted. The product is also said to have a positive influence on cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Nutrivized Keto is said to have a positive overall effect on health and prevent the threatening yo-yo effect. With the entry into the first phase, the body is prepared for the upcoming weight loss. After that, active fat burning takes place for a period of 24 hours.

Ingredients used in Nutrivized Keto:

Nutrivized Keto consists of all-natural ingredients. The active ingredients of lemon balm extract, hop extract, green tea extract and a green coffee extract are used. The capsules also contain wheatgrass, L-theanine, Spirulina, saffron flower extract as well as vitamins K2, D, B6, B1 and B2 and melatonin.

Hop Extract has a soothing effect. It contains bitter substances and essential oils that protect cells, inhibit inflammation and have an antibacterial effect. Also, it supports good sleep.

Green Tea Extract mainly has an antioxidant effect. Besides, the metabolism is stimulated.

Green Coffee Extract contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid. This stimulates fat burning and prevents more fat from being stored.

Wheatgrass as an ingredient is good for the skin and serves to strengthen the immune system. It also supports the detoxification of the liver.

The main effect of spirulina is to reduce appetite. It also helps drain water out.

L-theanine, increase your concentration and performance. L-theanine is also responsible for the blood pressure-lowering effect.

Saffron Flower Extract contains both bitter substances and essential oils that stimulate the metabolism.

Finally, melanin also supports the quality of sleep and the activation of metabolism.

Risks and Side Effects

There are no known side effects while taking Nutrivized Keto. However, since this is a product with natural ingredients, there may be an intolerance or allergic reactions. The caffeine it contains is also not well tolerated by everyone.

More facts

You can purchase the product on the manufacturer’s homepage. Nutrivized Keto is not yet available in pharmacies, drug stores or other marketplaces. 30 capsules from the retailer cost 57.00 dollars and 90 capsules in the Official Website only cost 39.95 dollars. If you buy several cans, you will also receive further discounts.

Nutrivized Keto is taken daily. The daily dose is 1 capsule and is taken with sufficient liquid. It is recommended that you take the product in the morning, before breakfast. Besides, no further change in diet is necessary for the effect to take effect.

Nutrivized Keto

Can you really lose weight with Nutrivized Keto?

The description of the product and the effects of the ingredients sound promising. But does the desired effect actually occur? Various experience reports and self-experiments are shown here. Many test subjects actually report weight loss successes. There is also a reduced feeling of hunger, which supports weight loss. The subjects could not always lose the advertised 15 kg in the aforementioned 30-day period. Nevertheless, there was a loss of a few kilos on the scales. Besides, the test subjects report that they did not have to go hungry during the time and that they also felt physically good. On the one hand, effects in terms of fat burning set in, on the other hand, overall well-being also increased. The Nutrivized Keto experience is therefore consistently positive.

Our Conclusion

The tests and experience reports have shown that you can actually achieve success with the Nutrivized Keto weight loss capsule. The remedy not only sheds the pounds, but it also supports your body in detoxification, which leads to increased well-being and makes your body healthier and fitter overall.

In general, however, it is, of course, advisable not to rely solely on the effects of slimming capsules, but also to rely on a healthy diet with a calorie deficit and more exercise if you want to lose weight.