NFL 12th Week: Detroit Lions VS Houston Texans, Live Stream

Detroit Lions, as is a tradition in the NFL, every Thanksgiving celebrate it with a home game, this time I play against the Houston Texans, who apparently have nothing to lose when their record is 3-7. 

Detroit Lions of Mike Patricia meanwhile is now or never, they are just your mattress and can not lose if they want to stay alive in the aspirations playoffs since their record is 4-6.  If they get stoned and not lose we may see them in the postseason but of course, they have to win something that they have not been very good at.

Follow all the actions this Thursday, November 26, on Fox Sports starting at  11:20 am.

Channel 505 in Izzi and 553 in the sky.

To watch the match online, we suggest the NFL Live Streaming app, which you can download by clicking here, there you will find links to enjoy the game, including a good quality broadcast on YouTube.