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Licensed from Borussia Dortmund the day after a beating received by VfB Stuttgart, Lucien Favre was not able to change a course for the German club according to his former leaders and would not be the ideal candidate to train a large engine. Valid arguments or exaggerated criticisms?

Fired from Borussia Dortmund, is Lucien Favre too bland for the big guys?
Fired from Borussia Dortmund, is Lucien Favre too bland for the big guys?

Sometimes the explanations for the decision are even harder to hear than the bad news itself. Lucien Favre was undoubted, in this case, this weekend, when he learned that he was no longer the coach of Borussia Dortmund. After all, getting kicked out for a performance considered bad by your employer has become a frequent habit for a football coach. On the other hand, the reasons evoked against him to support this choice must have hurt his ego and his confidence.

“We are trying to take the lead, we feel that the accomplishment of our goals this season is very much at risk due to the recent weak dynamics of the new squad, which is why we need to act”, said Chief Executive Officer Hans-Joachim Watzke, in formalizing the departure of his now ex-coach on social networks. In other words, the Swiss would have in substance failed to demonstrate that he could take the club a little higher since his arrival (two and a half years ago) and would not be able to lead a club to the top. Difficult to digest.

No trophy, Whose Fault is It?

As is often the case, opinions on this subject are divided into two categories: some will agree with the fact that Favre is not the ideal candidate with great ambitions, while others will find this observation severe. The first, reinforced by the beating conceded against the promoted Stuttgart and the poor dynamic of Dortmund at the national level (only one victory in the Bundesliga over the last five days including three defeats, twelve goals conceded and the fifth place with five units of the leading them already winning the title race), will highlight the technician’s record: trophies in Switzerland (two cups, two championships), a German Supercup and … that’s it, in the space of 30 years careers.

Regarding his more concrete contribution to Borussia, his detractors argue the lack of consistency that his players have shown during his tenure. The relative lack of character, too, which would be like the former Nice man who was sometimes considered too smooth and with a not enough “winning” temperament. Complicated, therefore, to transmit a real rage to win to his foals in important moments despite the good daily work.

Finally, critics also believe that the 63-year-old man should have done better with a workforce of this quality (reinforced during his stint by Erling Braut Haaland or Axel Witsel, for example). Perhaps not by snatching the throne from the buttocks of Bayern Munich, but by posing definitively as the first opposition force thanks to the investments made.

Find the Right Project

Investments, precisely. If financial expenses have been made, the defenders of Favre will answer that they are much less substantial than those of the Bavarians or other European behemoths. In their eyes, the one who was landed was on the other hand very well done in Dortmund by offering quality game and responding present in Germany (twice runner-up to Bayern) as on the continental scene (two appearances in eighth-finals by leaving pools not necessarily simple, not to mention a new recent qualification with a status of leader of the group). So, hard to do better for him?

“I think it’s a shame that we are parting here, we had two very successful years and we have a team that could have had a great season. I am still convinced of it”, regretted, in any case, the principal person concerned, for the press agency DPA-AFX. Be reassured: more oriented towards old-fashioned management with long-term work, Lucien should not have to point to Pôle Emploi to scratch a new job. Whose project will undoubtedly be still exciting?